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Meet Coach Katie

When I found fitness, I was at rock bottom; overweight, stressed, depressed, and too insecure to even enter a gym. But I was desperate for change. Fortunately, I found a home workout program that helped me to lose weight, develop better nutrition habits, and ignited a passion for health. 

That single decision exploded into a transformation that was so much more than just fitting into a pair of jeans - it was redefining how I felt towards myself and teaching me how to honestly love, believe in, and push to achieve my absolute best.

Over the years, I’ve allowed this passion and experience to guide my career, education, and philosophy as a trainer and to continually challenge my comfort zones so that others may know they can achieve their biggest goals too. 

That grit, commitment, and belief that you can do anything you set your mind to (and even MORE alongside the support of friends) is the calling of my heart and the core of the Train DRVN community.


Katie is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Sports Performance Specialist, and Sprint Mechanics & Data Specialist, with a strong focus in metabolic training and functional fitness. She is also an avid distance runner, swimmer, and Spartan competitor. 

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