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What is Train DRVN?

Train DRVN is a community based, sweat-inducing, circuit style fitness movement with belief, commitment, and perseverance at its core. To "Train DRVN" is to honor the belief that you are capable and designed for incredible things - both in and outside the fitness arena - and to take daily action to ensure that goal comes to fruition. 

Classes meet weekly in the sun kissed and sea salt air of Pacific Beach, and are designed to push you to your limits, no matter your starting point. Modifications are offered to appeal to any fitness level, and quality form is constantly cued, but that doesn't mean Coach Katie or your fellow DRVN friends will allow you to take it easy either. 

To train you both physically and mentally for all the curveballs life has to offer, classes include a wide variety of functional training tools such as free weights, slam balls, battle ropes, calisthenics, resistance bands, agility ladders and hurdles, and a heart healthy dose of HIIT and metabolic conditioning. 

Each class will leave you DRVN to believe in yourself, to perform your very best, and to surround and inspire others to do the same.  


Best decision I ever made was checking out your class. You help push us to be better versions than when we walked in. Thank you for your patience and persistence with us.

Nerieda R.

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